Music Journey Programme

Age 4 to 7

The Mayo School of Music has designed a complete music curriculum (Music Journey Programme) for the young child who wants to explore the world of Music. These programmes are designed to develop the Childs sense of timing and musicality before learning an instrument. These programmes are the foundation and building blocks to all future music lessons.

Preschool Music Adventure Programme:

(Age 4 to 5)

This music programme will give children an opportunity to explore music with the emphasis on developing their sense of timing with the use of beats and rhythms, singing, expression and ear training. This will be done through musical games, songs and the use of percussion instruments.


Junior Music Discovery Programme:

(Age 5 to 6)

This music programme is an excellent choice for children who have completed the Preschool Music Adventure Courses. It is also an ideal place for the beginner 5 to 6 year old to start their musical learning. The course focuses on the more advanced concepts of music theory (crotchets, minims, tempos etc) and percussion instruments. The programmes will also give students a basic introduction to piano and tin-whistle.

Tin Whistle

(Age 6 to 7)

This is the ideal first instrument for any student to begin their music journey. Because of its small size, light weight, easy to carry and hard wearing it has long been considered the perfect starter instrument. It is also ideal in terms of teaching the basis for all other musical instruments. Learning about melody, harmony, timing, performing alone and in group environments are also hugely important to develop at this early stage. Groups are small with a maximum of 4 students per class.



      Instrument Tuition
At the Mayo School of Music a range of instruments are taught. Classes are individual or group, but whatever you choose, the emphasis will be on learning music for enjoyment.


These classes will be on a one to one basis. It will involve vocal training, vocal exercises, breathing techniques etc. Students are encouraged to take Royal Irish Academy of Music Exams.

Piano classes will be taught on a one to one basis, from Elementary to Diploma Grades. Royal Irish Academy of Music exams are encouraged and recognized universally. The first goal of learning piano is enjoyment.

Violin will be taught on an individual and group class basis. This will include classical and traditional violin. Exams for classical Violin will be encouraged.

Saxophone & Clarinet
Saxophone & Clarinet classes will be available for students from the beginner to the advanced. These classes will be taught on a one to one basis.

Guitar classes will be given from the beginner to the advanced class. Group activities in the class will make learning fun. Guitar will have a maximum of four students per class.

Classical Flute
Classical Flute classes will be available for students, from beginner to the advanced. These classes will be taught on a one to one basis.

Drum classes will be available for students, from beginner to the advanced. These classes will be taught on a one to one basis.


Traditional Classes
Traditional classes will be offered in Tin Whistle, Accordion, B├│dhran, Flute, Uilleann Pipes and Mandolin. There is a maximum of four students per class.

Theory classes are encouraged for students learning a classical instrument. These classes not only help with understanding music theory but are also a way to meet other pupils of the same age and to start other musical activities. It is recommended that students take the annual Royal Irish Academy of Music Examinations.

Adult Music Appreciation Course
A class designed for the adult who has always wanted to learn about music and its development. The course includes an introduction to classical music, information about the composers, a beginner's guide to reading music, an introduction to musical instruments, singing and choral training. In a relaxed atmosphere, the adult can learn within his or her own pace with open discussion.


End of Term Concert's

In December and June, the School host's a concert for all the students to perform and show their talents to parents, friends and family. This is an great opportunity for the students to experience performing on stage to an audience.


Youth Choir
Children between the age of 10 and 18 years will have the opportunity to audition to become a member of the Mayo School of Music Youth Choir.

Foreign Students
A specific Summer Camp will be run for our visiting foreign students. This is an ideal opportunity for the many visiting students to learn about Irish music and culture.













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